Gourmet at altitude - Local specialities

Aug 04 2018

Gourmet at altitude – Local specialities

In Cortina you can enjoy local specialties, as well as refined dishes prepared by award-winning Chefs. You will sample a combination of mountain food and fish, which arrives fresh every day.
Cortina d’Ampezzo is a real crossover of gastronomic traditions, from the Venetian Region to the nearby Tyrol. So, you can taste dishes like: Polenta (a sort of corn porridge), baccalà (stockfish), radicchio, mushrooms, goulash, game meat…
When you are at a restaurant or mountain-hut in or around Cortina, do not miss to order:

Casunziei all’Ampezzana

Strictly characteristic of the locality, these half moon shaped ravioli are red or green coloured, both served with melted butter, parmesan cheese and poppy seeds. The red ones have a gentle sweet flavour and are filled with beetroots. The greens have a stronger taste and are filled with spinach and swiss chard. We highly recommend to try a combination.


Very small spinach gnocchi served with cream and
speck (smoked ham). A typical dish of the Tyrol area which is became part of the local cuisine since ancient times.


A dish of Tyrolean origin composed by bread-balls with speck,
served in broth or with goulash, or with spinach or cheese,
served with melted butter and parmesan. Order them as a main dish with a salad of kale.


A special type of rye bread with the addition of a local variety of wild fennel seeds. You will find it in soft or dry and crispy version.

Apple Strudel

Apple Strudel flavoured whith cinnamon and cloves and
served warm with vanilla sauce or cream or a scoop of
vanilla ice cream.


Typical fritters made of batter fried in oil and served warm with red bilberry jam

Grappa al ciariè

An italian brandy flavoured with wild cumin to enjoy after dinner.